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What to expect at your first visit

Brilliant! You’re on the right track to receiving the highest standard of care from our compassionate staff at Creekside Dental. The relaxing environment of our dental practice and our goal to provide the highest standards of care are part of why we hope you’ll visit us to help you reach your own dental health goals. Interested in what to expect at your first appointment? Here’s an overview as we firmly believe an informed patient is a happy patient.

Front Desk

Our smiling office team is ready to welcome you to your appointment. We understand that you may have questions about insurance coverage, procedures, and general appointment bookings – which is why our front desk team of experienced administrators are ready and waiting to help. Certain medications and health conditions can make a big difference to your oral health and how we manage your treatment needs, so if you’d like to prepare for your first visit, please call us to request a convenient appointment, and if you wish, print this form and fill it out ahead of time. We want to make your appointment preparation as easy as possible for you!

Treatment Coordination

Life can get busy sometimes, so we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed when you’re with us. If you have any additional questions about recommended treatments and how to best manage your insurance policy, don’t hesitate to ask! From general questions about pricing options to discussions about technology and products, we want to know that when you leave our office – all of your questions have been answered. And if you think of more once you’ve left your appointment, all you need to do is call.


We are so committed to providing excellent dentistry and oral hygiene care that you’ll see only quality dentistry in our team’s own mouths! We think you deserve this same quality – which is why we spend a little extra time at your first appointment. This way, we can create a base line to track changes over time, enabling a clear picture of your oral health needs and concerns. To help with developing an accurate diagnosis, we want you to take advantage of this appointment by asking any questions you have about the best way to care for your smile. We even make a point of providing hygiene services at your first visit and we’ll fabricate a complimentary sportsguard so that we can care for your teeth even when you’re not here!


We get it. The dentist chair has a reputation, but it’s important to us – and to you – that that perception is left behind. We will make you feel at ease. You’ll meet the doctor and discuss your personal oral health needs and goals. That way, Dr. Julian can best determine the personalized approach that works best for you. It’s your chance to tell us what you like and don’t like about your smile and general oral health. Then it will be a bit easier (and comfortable for you) as we work with you to help you meet these goals.

Practice Tour

Would you like to look around first? Call us for a general office tour and feel free to bring your little ones. We will show you around our office so that you can feel comfortable – as we know the tour helps alleviate anxiety relating to dental visits. We’d be happy to set up a visit at your convenience and hope to meet you soon!

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